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Dahlia Decor for Fall

By Chuck Boyd on October 20, 2017 in Fall. 0 Comments

Welcome to Fall in Wilmington, when the air is cooler, the nights longer and the house more beautiful than ever. At Boyd's Flowers we're feeling dahlias, an autumn bloom that's having quite the moment this year. Exotic and complex, dahlias elevate an arrangement, adding interest and texture. Dahlia decor for Fall includes designs that feel seasonal and imaginative, something you can put on your dining room table and enjoy every time you walk by. You can also send dahlia-centered bouquets to someone you love and really make a lasting impact. Read More about Dahlia Decor for Fall

Make Them Feel Special on Sweetest Day

By Chuck Boyd on October 4, 2017 in Sweetest Day. 0 Comments

There are many ways to celebrate Sweetest Day - whether sending flowers to tell someone they really are the sweetest, or sending sweet gifts to commemorate your relationship. Observed primarily in the Northeast and Midwest, this observance is actually over 100 years old, and specializes in promoting good deeds to those who need them most. Boyd's Flowers has always been in the business of making people feel loved and appreciated, and would love to help you to let someone know how you feel on October 21. Read More about Make Them Feel Special on Sweetest Day

Creative Designs from our Shop

By Chuck Boyd on September 29, 2017 in Fall, Floral Design. 0 Comments

The autumn season inspires us - from the landscape exploding with vibrant color, to the cooler air, to the delicious aromas and tastes at weekend festivals. Autumn is a feast for the senses, and the floral designs from the experts at Boyd's Flowers are no exception! Our creative juices are flowing, and you'll be sure to find unique, vibrant, and one-of-a-kind flowers and gifts here in our Wilmington shop. We invite you to come in and look around! Read More about Creative Designs from our Shop

Get Ready to Thank Your Boss on October 16

By Chuck Boyd on September 23, 2017 in Corporate gifts, Flowers, Plants. 0 Comments

We understand that some of you may read this and think - why would I buy a gift for my boss? But those who have a great boss understand just how much a positive work environment can make life in general better! After all, we spend nearly one-third of our adult lives at work, and whether you have a good or a bad boss can influence just how happy and fulfilled you are. If you are lucky enough to have a great boss, you'll want to mark October 16 on your calendar. National Boss's Day is the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation, and Boyd's Flowers is the perfect place in Wilmington to find a beautiful gift.  Read More about Get Ready to Thank Your Boss on October 16

Bouquets & Arrangements to Welcome New Neighbors

By Chuck Boyd on September 5, 2017 in Housewarming Gifts. 0 Comments

Sometimes in life, there are opportunities to be nice "just because". When new neighbors move in close by, you are given such an opportunity. You can be sure that they are tired and perhaps a bit apprehensive. Going over to say hello, lend a helping hand, and even offer a home-cooked meal is a great way to get this friendship off on the right foot! At Boyd's Flowers, we understand that flowers and plants can make a house feel more like a home, and we have everything you need to make a great first impression. Did You Know? Each year, approximately 50 million people move to a new residence, and that number keeps growing!  Read More about Bouquets & Arrangements to Welcome New Neighbors

Homecoming Flowers, Boutonnieres & Corsages

By Chuck Boyd on September 1, 2017 in Events & Parties, Homecoming, Prom. 0 Comments

Homecoming season is quickly approaching! High schools and universities throughout the Wilmington area will be anticipating the big football rivalries, practicing for pep rallies, and preparing for the big dance. While students campaign to be homecoming king or queen, alumni make plans to travel back to their old stomping grounds to see old friends and make new memories. No matter your favorite part of the festivities, it is likely that flowers will play a role - in fact, they are integral to many aspects of homecoming. Boyd's Flowers is here to make the weekend both memorable and beautiful for everyone involved.  Read More about Homecoming Flowers, Boutonnieres & Corsages

Bouquets & Arrangements for Grandparents Day

By Chuck Boyd on August 23, 2017 in Grandparent's Day, Uncategorized. 0 Comments

We should all have one person who knows how to bless us despite the evidence, Grandmother was that person to me. ~Phyllis Theroux On September 10, we have the opportunity to celebrate some of the most special people in our lives. It is a day set aside to both celebrate our family's history and legacy, and to recognize Grandma and Grandpa in a special way. The floral experts at Boyd's Flowers are here to help you to create arrangements for Grandparents Day that are sure to convey your love and appreciation. Did You Know? While in some cultures multi-cultural living is the norm, in the United States the arrangement has not been as common. Still, nearly 37% of households are currently headed by grandparents, a fact which seems to indicate that families are returning to a more traditional way of life.  Read More about Bouquets & Arrangements for Grandparents Day

Asters & Sapphires to Celebrate September Birthdays

By Chuck Boyd on August 21, 2017 in Birthdays. 0 Comments

September birthdays are a celebration in blue!  The birth stone of the month is the brilliant sapphire - and although the gem occurs in many colors, it is the iconic blue which inspires us for birthday bouquets and gifts. True blue flowers can include delphinium, larkspur, forget-me-nots, blue iris and hydrangea - as well as blue asters, which are especially appropriate as asters are the birth flower of September. The designers at Boy's Flowers have crafted beautiful arrangements both with blue accents, as well as with asters , and whichever you choose, you'll know your September birthdays will be amazing. Read More about Asters & Sapphires to Celebrate September Birthdays