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The “It” Gift To Give The Teacher This Year

As the new school year approaches, many school personnel begin working tirelessly to ensure that students will have everything they need. Schools run smoothly because of the hard work from support staff. Secretaries, teacher’s aides, and custodians are among some of the invaluable members of a school staff. At Boyd’s Flowers, we think it’s important to honor the hard work these individuals put into their schools each and every year. This year, why not start the year off right with a beautiful bouquet of flowers to thank your school’s staff for their dedication? Read More about The “It” Gift To Give The Teacher This Year »
Posted by Chuck Boyd on July 30, 2018 Back to School Flower Gifts

Fantasy Trip: Floral Festivals

If you've never traveled to a floral destination before, allow Boyd's Flowers to show you the way. Every spring and summer, many towns, cities and regions celebrate their signature bloom, which is usually at its peak. In North Carolina, it's azaleas; in Texas, it's the bluebell. These festivals, events and shows are great opportunities for visitors to engage with local culture and to get to know a place through its most beautiful asset, its flowers. Read on for our top picks for floral destinations you should travel for. Read More about Fantasy Trip: Floral Festivals »
Posted by Chuck Boyd on July 23, 2018 | Last Updated: January 28, 2020 Flowers

A Playlist For Summer Inspired By Flowers

Are you, like us here at Boyd's Flowers, updating your musical playlist for the summer? It's always fun to create a new playlist every time the season changes to help put you in the mood and to enjoy its delights fully. There are just some songs that sound like summer, and we happen to think that some of the best of them are inspired by the world of flowers. Whether its a ballad about a rose or an ode to a sweet Southern bloom, we've handpicked the best songs that take their cue from flowers, plants and herbs. Read More about A Playlist For Summer Inspired By Flowers »
Posted by Chuck Boyd on July 16, 2018 Flowers Summer

Caring For Your New Flowers

So you've got some new flowers at home, now what? Aside from sitting back and enjoying them, you'll probably be interested in extending their life for as long as possible. Every wants to be a good flower parent, and to get as much out of the beauty of those blossoms as possible. That's where Boyd's Flowers' best tips for floral care come in. Read More about Caring For Your New Flowers »
Posted by Chuck Boyd on July 9, 2018 Flowers Uncategorized

Flowers That Transport You To Someplace Else

Summer is that time when we start turning those vacation fantasies into reality, whether we're traveling across the globe or just across the country. There's something so enticing about taking a break from our regular lives in the heat of summer to experience a new place. Even if you haven't booked a ticket to that destination you've always dreamed about, you can fake it in your own home by bringing in flowers that recall another time and place. Boyd's Flowers designs for every occasion, even the ones that have more to do with the imagination than a specific occasion or event. Read More about Flowers That Transport You To Someplace Else »
Posted by flowermanager on July 2, 2018 Uncategorized

A Spectacular Floral Design For the 4th

Boyd's Flowers wishes you a fabulous 4th of July, one spent swimming or boating on the lake, kicking the football around in the backyard, or napping in a hammock before heading out to catch one of the Wilmington area firework shows in the evening. One of the best parts of Independence Day is that we're truly free to celebrate how we like, though most of us choose to relax, play and spend time with family and friends. If you'll be hosting some of yours, you might be sprucing up your place a little bit. While you're getting the garden and yard in order, fixing that tire swing or cleaning out the grill, grab yourself some 4th decor, including some flowers. Read More about A Spectacular Floral Design For the 4th »
Posted by Chuck Boyd on June 24, 2018 4th of July Flowers

Fresh Summer Food And Fresh Flowers

Are you planning a summer soiree? Something a little more polished than the typical backyard grill-out (nothing against those) or a potluck? You're speaking our language here at Boyd's Flowers. It's wonderful to eat out by the pool, noshing on wings and burgers while still in your towel. But there's a whole other class of party that we also look forward to in summer. It's the kind that may require candle or moonlight. The one with wine, gorgeous seasonal salads and a platter of something delicious right in the center of the table. And for those occasions, you're going to need an equally enticing centerpiece. Read More about Fresh Summer Food And Fresh Flowers »
Posted by Chuck Boyd on June 18, 2018 Flowers Summer

Make It The Most Romantic Anniversary

Once upon a time, you married your best friend, your soulmate, the one who knows you best and loves you unconditionally. Anniversaries are a great time to remember all the reasons you married your spouse. Reciting the vows you said on that special day, visiting the spot where you met or proposed, and giving meaningful gifts are all ways to show how grateful you are for that special day and everything it brought into your life. June is the most popular wedding month, making it a month full of anniversaries, as well. The floral designers at Boyd’s Flowers are wedding and anniversary experts- talk to them about the perfect arrangement to give this year for your anniversary. Read More about Make It The Most Romantic Anniversary »
Posted by Chuck Boyd on June 11, 2018 Roses Wedding

Have A Picnic With Dad This Father’s Day

Dads come in all shapes and sizes, with a variety of life lessons to teach us as we grow. They sacrifice for us, work hard for us, and show us some of the most ingenious ways of managing life all the way around. This Father’s Day, give dad a treat that he’ll enjoy, just to show him how much you appreciate all of the attention and care he has poured into your life. Take him golfing or fishing, write him a heartfelt note, or send him a personalized gift that you know he’ll love. Boyd’s Flowers has an abundance of plants and gifts just for him and we’re happy to help you choose the best one for your dad. Read More about Have A Picnic With Dad This Father’s Day »
Posted by Chuck Boyd on June 4, 2018 Father's Day Gifts

A Special Flower Gift For Your Bestie

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “The only way to have a friend is to be one.” This year on June 8th you have the opportunity to be a friend to those you consider your inner circle. It’s Best Friend’s Day, a day to honor and appreciate your best friend. You’ve been through highs and lows together and always stuck by each other’s side. What a great day to show her how much she means to you. Write her a note, take her to lunch, and bring her a beautiful bouquet of flowers to celebrate your friendship. Boyd’s Flowers has some excellent choices that will delight friends and remind them how treasured they really are. Read More about A Special Flower Gift For Your Bestie »
Posted by Chuck Boyd on May 27, 2018 Flower Gifts Flowers