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Posted by Chuck Boyd on March 24, 2015 Tulips

Quick Guide: Tulips

shutterstock_248293039An immediately recognizable bloom, tulips inspire happiness and cheerfulness in any circumstance whether they’re a part of your holiday celebration or are a gift to your beloved. Chasing away the winter, the brightness of a vase full of colorful tulips makes it easy to feel like an entire field of Holland tulips sits on your windowsill.

The Surprising History of Tulips

History suggests the very earliest tulips came from somewhere in central Asia and that it was in Turkey where the flower first rose to prominence. People would wear the flowers in their turbans for decoration.

Some historians believe this is where we got the modern name for the tulip, which is derived from an old Persian word for turban. Others believe the name came from the tulip’s shape, which might remind you of a turban with its petals wrapped around one another.

Europeans of the 1600s so prized this flower that it was responsible for “tulip mania,” which threw the economies of many European countries into chaos. For a while, a single tulip bulb was worth several times the annual income of the average worker!

Eventually, the Dutch took the flower and made it a symbol of their country. While you’ll see tulips cultivated all over the world, you probably think of Holland when you see a field of beautiful tulips swaying in the breeze.

Did You Know: Each year, Holland produces more than three billion tulips for export around the world.

How to Use Tulips in Your Celebrations

One of the best features of the tulip is that it adapts itself so perfectly to almost any occasion. Spring always feels lighter and brighter with a vase of colorful tulips in your entryway to greet you as you come home from work.

Spring Tulips

Spring Tulips

Tulips are also a beautiful flower to symbolize love, and they’re a lovely alternative to roses. If you gave your significant other a big vase of roses for Valentine’s Day, you might think about a festive and colorful arrangement of tulips as your next gift.

Tulips also pair wonderfully with just about any type of flower as part of an arrangement of spring flowers. Imagine tulips, callas & peonies on your desk at work or as a springtime gift for your child’s favorite teacher.



Tulips are an easy answer to almost any occasion that demands flowers from spring weddings to Easter celebrations. This spring, come into Boyd’s Flowers and take a look at all the colorful varieties of tulips for your celebration, holiday, or “just because” vase.