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Posted by Chuck Boyd on January 26, 2017 | Last Updated: January 27, 2017 Flowers

Random Acts of Kindness Share Joy

Random Acts

Josh de Jong of New Zealand has a very special legacy.  Research has traced National Random Acts of Kindness Day, celebrated worldwide, back to this one person – a true testament to the fact that one person can indeed change the world! Although the day is celebrated on September 1st in his home country, here in the United States we observe the day on February 17th. And although the team at Boyd’s Flowers believe that every day is the perfect day for kindness, we do have some ideas for you as to how to enjoy this special day.

Random ActsThe Supermarket Surprise: Head to a Wilmington area grocery store and buy a few $5 gift cards. Then simply approach people as they enter the store, and tell them the first $5 is on you!

Nursing Home Niceties: Bring a bouquet of daisies and other mixed flowers to a local nursing home or assisted living facility, and hand them out to the residents.

Heartfelt Compliments: Look for reasons to compliment complete strangers – whether you love their outfit, think their shoes are fabulous, or they have a beautiful smile!


The Office Nosh: Have a gourmet gift basket delivered to your office for everyone to share!

Pay It Backward
: Pay the toll for the person behind you, or for their meal at a fast food drive through.

Random Recognition: Think of someone who makes your everyday life brighter – the friendly bank teller who always helps you out, the crossing guard who keeps your child safe, or the elderly neighbor who always waves to you – and surprise them with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

No matter how you choose to observe National Random Acts of Kindness Day here in Wilmington, you can be assured that you will make a positive difference. Let’s Boyd’s Flowers help, with beautiful flowers, unique gifts and inspired ideas that always make people smile.