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Romance Month Bouquets & Arrangements

National Romance Month is a time to celebrate all things related to love and romance. If you are in love, you probably find romance around every corner. If you’re not in love at the moment, maybe all you need is a little inspiration! The floral experts at Boyd’s Flowers would love to share some creative ideas and the symbolism behind some of the world’s most romantic blooms. Maybe a few of these long-lost traditions will inspire some new romance for you!

Romance Through the Ages

Over time and across the world, different cultures have expressed romantic feelings in very different ways. Here are a few interesting romantic gestures from various regions and centuries.

  • In Nordic regions, knives were given as a show of affection. When girls had come of age, they would wear an empty knife sheath attached to their girdle. This was her father’s way of announcing she was available for marriage. An interested suitor would give her a knife; she would keep it only if she was interested.
  • In 17th Century Wales, a suitor would present a carved wooden spoon to the object of his affection. Lovespoons were often decorated with ornate pictures that had different meanings. An anchor, for example, symbolized the desire to settle down together, while an intricate vine meant “love grows.”
  • In parts of 18th Century Europe, a bride emerging from a church after her wedding ceremony would have a biscuit or small loaf of bread broken over her head. Unmarried guests would take pieces of the crumbled bread to place under their pillows so they would dream of the person they would marry. Some believe this custom preceded the traditional wedding cake.

Today we are still quite creative with our displays of romance, but certain customs remain timeless, like the giving of flowers. While certain flowers can symbolize different things, the giving or sending of a beautiful bouquet of flowers communicates a clear message: one of love and romance.

The Top 5 Romantic Flowers

Of course, the rose has secured the top spot on our list of romantic flowers as it is the universal symbol of love, romance, respect, desire, and passion. Orchids are especially lovely to give to your partner as they are a more luxurious representation of love, romance, and even refinement, thanks to the Victorian Era. Lilies are a showstopping, flawless, bold, and alluring bloom that is not only linked to love, passion, and love, but longing as well. So, if you are in a long-distance relationship or missing your sweetheart this August, turn to red lilies. Daisies are a sweet sentiment, especially for new budding love, as it is connected to new beginnings and true love. Finally, sunflowers are a happy, uplifting, and positive way to show your love, loyalty, and adoration to your partner, especially in August.

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Our Full of Love bouquet, featured above, says “I love you” with a colorful display of roses, hydrangea, and snapdragons.

romance monthClassic long-stem red roses speak volumes about your romantic side. Leave no room for doubt when you send our Six For Your Sweetie arrangement, shown above.

No matter how you choose to be romantic this month, National Romance Month is a great opportunity to show that special person in your life how much he or she means to you. Sending flowers or gifts throughout the Wilmington area is simple with our professional delivery service. Talk to the floral designers at Boyd’s Flowers today about the perfect arrangement for you.

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