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Posted by Chuck Boyd on June 6, 2016 | Last Updated: October 2, 2020 Roses Summer

Why Roses are So Popular in June

rosesThe month of June has no shortage of opportunities to celebrate. From highly-anticipated graduation ceremonies to the many weddings that are so popular this time of year – if there were ever a time to consider a beautiful bouquet of flowers as a gift, it would be June.

Among all the floral species, the classic red rose is one which has garnered the esteem and affection even of botanists and florists; it was those closest to the cultivation of these blooms that first established June 12th as Red Rose Day, honoring this most revered of all the roses. From the earliest recorded mythology and history, we see the red rose in a place of prominence, and not much has changed today.

roses roses

June is also the month chosen to showcase the rose as its birth flower, as it is at its peak of beauty and abundance at this time of year. In ancient civilizations, giving flowers was a common way to celebrate birthdays. Because they couldn’t run to Boyd’s for a bouquet, they simply gave the flower that was currently in season and growing readily. Roses stir up emotions in many of us because they convey deep sentiments – whether love, friendship, or respect, saying it with a rose just adds an element of emphasis and depth. At Boyd’s Flowers, we share that emotional connection to the coveted rose and love to design arrangements that are as special as the moments they commemorate.

Even though this month features Red Rose Day, creating arrangements with other colors isn’t only acceptable, it is encouraged! Have fun with your bouquets this season, and try out different hues to create the perfect summertime floral piece. From orange to purple to blue, there are so many ways to celebrate with roses and to honor your special birthday celebrant with an arrangement that speaks to their personality. Our Wilmington- based florists at Boyd’s are excited to help you to bring roses into your life this June in a fresh new way – stop by and see us soon!