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Posted by Chuck Boyd on December 1, 2017 | Last Updated: November 5, 2020 Christmas

Secret Santa Gifts They Wished For

How can you win Secret Santa this year? Let us at Boyd’s Flowers show you.

To be fair, Secret Santa isn’t something you can win. This holiday gift swap is tailor-made for big groups who want everyone in them to get a holiday gift without breaking the bank to make that happen. It’s also loads of fun to play, with the anticipation building right up until the time when the gift swap happens. Since the giving is anonymous and based upon a blind draw of names, everyone gets to both be a Secret Santa and a surprised recipient.

Secret Santa has its roots in Scandinavian lore, which held that a Santa Claus-like figure used to appear on doorsteps with his bag full of presents. He’d knock and then dash away before the person answering the door could see him, leaving behind his gift. Today there are countless variations of Secret Santa played across the globe. But let’s talk about yours.

Since you may not know your recipient’s exact tastes and preferences, keep it simple, fresh and fun. A crowd-pleasing gift like seasonal flowers is the way to go, and we love Basalm Fir Wishes for just this purpose.

This unique, lovely arrangement in the cute illustrated container is a cut above the other gifts crowded around under the office Christmas tree. The same can be said for Candy Cane Celebration, which combines flowers and candy. This can stay on the recipient’s desk at work – that peppermint makes a nice afternoon pick-me-up – or travel home with them.

We’re full of fun ideas and fresh takes on Secret Santa here at Boyd’s Flowers, so come on down. Your secret’s safe with us.