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Posted by Chuck Boyd on November 9, 2015 | Last Updated: October 2, 2020 Flowers Holidays

Show Your Support For World Peace Day Through Gifts of Flowers

world peace dayWe always get excited about special occasions or holidays for which flowers or plants are the preferred gifts. There is something different about World Peace Day. It’s not an unofficial or official holiday or observance. It’s simply a global event that gained recognition because of the grassroots efforts of one man. As is the case with most grassroots initiatives, the idea spread and the rest is history. Everyone here at Boyd’s is thrilled to participate in this campaign as we help our customers show their commitment to world peace by sharing gifts of plants or flowers.

World Peace Day is observed on November 17th of every year. It was established in 1997 when Don Morris, who is affectionately known as “The Peaceguy,” launched it as a way to encourage people to make a personal commitment to work for peace. He also saw it as an occasion on which people could look into their own hearts and to examine their personal prejudices and the way they quickly judge people without thinking about what they’re doing.


Morris encourages people to drive with their headlights on as a visible way of showing others that they are committed to working for peace. Another global peace initiative that developed in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy was The Peace Crane Project. Its purpose was to teach kids about using their creativity as an alternative to acting out in violence.


Have you ever jumped to conclusions about someone just because you bought into the stereotypical rumors that are often spread through thoughtlessness and ignorance? Those prejudices are sometimes the basis for violent behavior.


We believe in the power of flowers as a way to apologize for our past transgressions that may have been hurtful to others. When we think or talk about peace, we’re not merely referring to physical acts of violence. That’s why we’re encouraging you to extend a figurative olive branch by giving someone you may have hurt, or a complete stranger, a gift of flowers.


You will warm someone’s heart with our adorable One Fish Two Fish design. The keepsake ceramic fish vase makes us think of Finding Nemo. We fill the vase with yellow daisies and lilies, blue delphinium and accents of baby’s breath and statice.


We love the adorable keepsake VW Bug vase that is accented with painted on daisies. Our Driving This Daisy arrangement consists of a bright-colored combination of Gerbera daisies, traditional daisies, and carnations. We add deep blue statice and hypericum berries as an accent.