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Style & Decor Ideas for Your Next Backyard BBQ

As the weather warms up and summertime approaches, many of us are gearing up for another season of cookouts and barbecues. While this year is special for a variety of reasons, why not celebrate in style and fill your backyard bash with bright and beautiful summer blooms? Your friends here at Boyd’s Flowers, the top florist in Wilmington, are sharing some favorite ways to decorate your outdoor space and utilize bold flowers in every detail of your party. From centerpieces and decor to drink garnishes and party favors, your guests will be in awe as they admire and enjoy your soiree.

Four Creative Ways to Spice Up Your BBQ with Flowers

Add Colorful Flower Accents

Summer decor is incomplete without bright, bold, and colorful blooms adorning guest tables and food tables. Liven up the neutral colors of nature in your backyard or outdoor space with fresh flowers as centerpieces and mini accents. Vibrant hues like pink, orange, red, blue, and purple paired with lush greenery create the pop of color your summer BBQ is craving.

Select Hardy Blooms

While some of your favorite blooms, like roses, seem to be a great choice to include in your BBQ decor, they might not be able to withstand the blistering summer heat. When in doubt, choose hardy blooms to include in arrangements if you plan to keep the flowers outside. Some of our favorites for a cookout are carnations, pincushions, daisies, sunflowers, wax flowers, succulents, anthurium, delphinium, and eucalyptus. Not only will they survive the great outdoors, but once guests have cleared out, you can bring these flowers and arrangements back inside to enjoy as fresh home decor.

Garnish Drinks with Florals

A classic summer cookout isn’t complete without a few signature drinks, from refreshing cocktails to your favorite soda and homemade iced tea to Grandma’s lemonade. While you mix up the drinks, it is also time to mix up some fun by adding florals as a unique garnish. While you don’t have to save your petals for fancy things like a lavender lemon spritz, you can keep it simple by garnishing fruit-infused water and just about anything else you plan to serve. Guests will love your new creative twist and enjoy sipping in style. As always, before garnishing or cooking with plants and flowers, ensure they are properly sourced for consumption, or speak with your local florist before serving.

Style Mason Jars for Gifts

Mason Jars are one of the most versatile items you can have at a BBQ. Not only can you use them as holders for forks, knives, and spoons, drink out of them, or fill them with string lights to light up the evening, but they are also the perfect vase for summer flowers. Select your favorite blooms in bright colors and fill the mason jars to utilize as decor on each table and food station. As the evening winds down, a fun idea is to give each guest a jar of fresh florals to display in their home and remember the wonderful time they had at your cookout.

Flowers have much more to offer than sitting pretty in a vase or being included in arrangements and centerpieces. Explore and experiment with creative ways to incorporate florals into your next backyard cookout. You can always consult with the experts here at Boyd’s for more ideas or to help you select the perfect summer flowers.

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