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Posted by Chuck Boyd on July 20, 2016 | Last Updated: October 2, 2020 Snapdragons Summer

Awesome Summer Snapdragons

summer snapdragonsSummer is in full swing, and summer snapdragons are a popular bloom for the season. The floral designers at Boyd’s Flowers use these unique blooms to add vibrancy and texture to their designs because of their great versatility. As diminutive as 5 inches, or as tall as three feet, the wide variety of colors and vertical presentation make the snapdragon a perfect backdrop for spring and summer florals.

Snapdragons were named by ancient peoples who thought that the bloom looked like a dragon’s head. However, the distinctive shape of the blossom also inspired many alternate names from its earliest days – the genus name Antirrhinums derives from the Greek and translates to “nose-like.” The Greeks also called it “kynokephelon” which means “dog-headed”, while the Romans chose Leonis ora, or “lion’s mouth”. Regardless of the name, the flower is said to possess a magical aura and mystical power; as well as to represent grace under pressure and inner strength.

summer snapdragons

Although they often function as background filler, snapdragons can also shine as a star of the bouquet. This lush arrangement of lilies, orchids, carnations, mums, and daisies is impressive; but it can’t outshine the brilliant purple snapdragon which towers over the florals. In this case, the flower is not afraid to take center stage and draw the eye to its vivid color.

In contrast, our second bouquet features a much more demure presentation of the snapdragon. In this case, the flower provides height but is content to play a supporting role; proving that this little bloom can do anything beautifully.summer snapdragon Did you Notice? We’d like to point out the Pink Mink Protea, which is the large tropical bloom in the middle of this arrangement. This genus Protea was named after the Greek god Proteus; referencing his ability to take on many forms, as this flower does. Our experts love to source unique and different floral blooms to make our designs truly extraordinary.

To order one of these snapdragon bouquets, or to have a customs arrangement created by our professionals, call Boyd’s Flowers today. You give us the inspiration, we’ll create a masterpiece.