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Boyds Flowers

Posted by Chuck Boyd on July 12, 2013 | Last Updated: January 28, 2020 Events & Parties

Summertime Sizzles with Blazing Hot Color

Summertime is that languid, sultry time of year when everyone goes outdoors to celebrate the season. Barbecues, Fourth of July celebrations, picnics, beaches, hikes, camping–the days are long; the nights are warm, and we all want to get out and drink in the season.

It’s the time of year when everything is bursting with lush colors and vivid blooms. Keep the summertime mood festive with vibrant and colorful flowers. Wilmington Flower Delivery can help you brighten up any festivity with added color and beautiful floral arrangements. A splash of flowers can give any occasion a special, elegant touch.

Spice up the party with the Summer Salsa bouquet: a blend of roses, orchids and sunflower blossoms that will sparkle on any picnic table.

Whether you are in need of presenting a host or hostess with a thoughtful gift, or wish to send regrets that you cannot attend, or want to spruce up your own party table, the Summer Salsa bouquet is a lovely, brilliant, and unique way to create a festive atmosphere. Special celebrations need special decor–and nothing brightens up a room like fresh flowers.

Summer days don’t last long. They fade as quickly as they bloom–make the most of the summer with as much color and beauty as you can. Let Wilmington Flower Delivery dazzle your summer events with colorful arrangements that are both refreshingly cool and sizzling hot.