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Sympathy Flowers and Their Meanings

Say More With Sympathy Flowers

sympathy flowersLosing someone you love is a sad time in life, but ideally, it will also be a time of remembrance and gratitude. Whether or not you are able to attend the memorial service, you can express your sympathy and condolences to the family of the departed. Sending flowers is one of the most beautiful and thoughtful ways to do this.

While there are some flowers known for their use in expressing sympathy, different flowers offer different nuances of meaning and expression. Here are some of the most popular flowers for expressing sympathy as well as their symbolic meaning:


Roses have been a traditional funeral and sympathy flower choice for centuries, While white can be perfect for conveying sympathy, they are also available in just about any color you can imagine. Roses are the classic flower of love, making them ideal for expressing strong positive emotion about the departed.

Red and pink roses show deep love, while orange and yellow can mark the passing of a friend or respected acquaintance. Purple and violet roses are spiritual and uplifting, while pastel colors offer a more subdued way to send your condolences. A Most Memorable Tribute bouquet combines pink roses with a range of other beautiful flowers for a truly breathtaking effect.

sympathy flowers

Most Memorable Tribute


Lilies are a popular sympathy flower choice for a range of reasons; they convey purity, rebirth and the soul’s radiance in a beautiful and elegant way. Lilies have symbolized rebirth and the resurrection of Christ around Easter time, and they are a beautiful reminder that a loved one has moved on to a higher dimension.


The beautiful, intricate hydrangea is a lovely accent flower for sympathy arrangements. Its colors range from vibrant blue and pink to pure white. This lively bloom conveys heartfelt emotion and deep feelings of fondness, making it ideal for sympathy floral arrangements.


Carnations are detailed and delicate, and they come in a wide range of colors as well. They are perfect in multi-bloom flower arrangements and look amazing in white, especially when mixed with contrasting flower types. Other carnation colors like red show loving feelings, while pastels bring a gently peaceful sentiment.

And of course, with the many color options, there are many meanings you can convey with carnations.


Orchids offer a way to break from tradition and give sympathy flowers that will stand out from the rest. Exotic Embrace combines orchids, protea, and anthurium for a magnificent display of tropical energy.

Sympathy flowers can convey a range of meanings and emotions. Use this guide to select the perfect tribute, and contact Boyd’s Flowers to place your order.