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Posted by Chuck Boyd on June 11, 2015 Flowers Summer

The Best Summer Flowers

Top 3 Summer Flowers 2015It may be too early to see your garden in all its glory, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait to enjoy the sight of colorful summer flowers. Our experienced floral designers here at Boyd’s Flowers have come up with some fantastic designs that capture the essence of a summer garden through their floral arrangements.

If you’re a lover of flowers and grow perennials in your backyard or garden, it may be a while before your Delphinium, lilies or sunflowers start to bloom. We’ve got the perfect antidote to the malaise you feel about having to wait a while longer for your flowers to burst into bloom. Summer Garden is one of our delightful nods at summer. We combine yellow lilies, white hydrangea, and other pink and blue flowers. The vase is packed full of brightness. We’re sure that anyone who sees or receives this will know that it won’t be that long until everyone can enjoy the warm summer weather and spend time outside, gazing at the beauty of summer flowers in bloom.

best summer flowers of 2015

Summer Garden

Share a bit of summer with someone, or treat yourself to something special. A colorful Begonia is a beautiful addition to your houseplant collection. When the weather is warm enough, take it outside and place it on your deck or patio. With the right care, you’ll be able to enjoy the unique blooms of this particular begonia year after year. Make sure it gets some light – as long as it’s filtered enough to prevent the delicate petals from burning during the hottest part of the day. Be careful not to over water this begonia. When the flowers fade, pinch them off to encourage the plant to keep producing more breathtakingly beautiful flowers.

Enjoy the look and feel of a natural English country flower garden in the comfort of your home. The Art of Nature is an arrangement that is designed in a style that professional florists refer to as vegetative. The way the flowers are arranged is supposed to reflect the manner in which they grow in nature, and when you see this fantastic arrangement, you’ll understand why. We use sunflowers, delphinium, Gerbera daisies, spray roses, and other flowers that represent the essence of an informal and natural design. Gardeners who love and plant flowers dream of having a garden that looks so perfect and natural.

While you wait for your garden to mature, feast your eyes on the beauty of cut flowers that are oozing with the warmth and happiness that summer brings.