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Use Boyd’s Flowers Summer Sizzlers to Help Celebrate Labor Day

summer sizzler arrangementPool-side fun, family reunions, vacation stays at the beach and trips to amusement parks represent a few of the best memories for most Americans. But, nothing commemorates collective American memory as well as the Summer-season holidays: Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day.

Warm Your Labor Day Party

As the biggest weekend of the Summer season approaches, use flowers to add warmth to a fun party or as a great way of sending young students away to school. Feel free to take cues from our “Summer Sizzler collection” and the ideas listed below.

  • Create Mini-Arboretum – Create a dazzling flower-bed display at a designated spots for your cookout or block party. Have flowers arranged to mimic the American flag or a simple message encouraging guests to enjoy their Labor Day.
  • Bring or Set Up a Bouquet – Bring a bouquet along with your covered dish. Also, while they can’t be eaten, flower arrangements can be decorated with candy, or stuffed with tiny bottles of Bar B Que or Tabasco sauces.
  • Send a “Can’t Make It” Bouquet – If you’re “away” on vacation or unable to attend a friend’s Labor Day party, you can send a bouquet of flowers that expresses the spirit of the day.

We celebrate Labor Day in appreciation for hard-working Americans and the benefits won for workers throughout history. It also serves as the unofficial “encore” event to a great Summer and sends us all “back to work.” Use Boyd’s Flowers to add a warm and fun touch to the last party weekend of the season. Get an early jump on the festivities and take advantage of our low-cost nation-wide shipping.