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Warming Your Home with the Season’s Best Red Flowers

Along with the chill in the air that fall and winter bring, come dazzling, bold, and vibrant red flowers. These classic beauties are a favorite choice for seasonal decor that warms your home as well as your heart and soul. While the fireplace is roaring and holiday items are displayed once more, red blooms fit seamlessly into these seasonal elements. Here at Boyd’s Flowers, the best florist in Wilmington, DE, we are sharing a few of our most cherished red flowers and blooming plants of autumn and winter.

Why We Love Red Flowers

Did you know that the color red is the most visible color to the human eye? In fact, red is the very first color that babies perceive! It’s no surprise that red flowers are captivating, alluring, dramatic, and the perfect pop of color to add to home decor, especially this time of year.

Symbolism of the Color Red

Diving into the symbolic nature of red also opens our eyes to the magnificence that it entails. From love and romance to courage and strength and even danger and anger, red is able to communicate some of the most passionate and powerful meanings of any color. Linked to many positive things, red is a warm hue that can boost confidence, motivate, and lift our spirits.

Warm Reds vs. Cool Reds

While red is a warm color, each individual red hue can be classified as either warm or cool. With warm undertones like yellow and orange, red can become extra warm and radiant. These red colors convey a lot of joy, cheerfulness, and energy. On the flip side, reds with cool undertones like purples and blues will express a more harmonious, peaceful, and natural feel.

Our Favorite Red Flowers For Warmth and Radiance


With a name that has been derived from the Greek word “amarullis,” meaning sparkle or splendor, amaryllis flowers do a beautiful job of living up to and exceeding our expectations. Their stunning star-shaped blooms are strong and radiant, representing love, determination, and confidence.


Delicate poppy-like flowers that symbolize love, fragility, anticipation, and sincerity, anemones are simple yet striking. Their black centers create a unique look that makes anemones easy to identify and admire.


As an ancient bloom, the history of aster is rich in tales of mythological gods and goddesses. Aster, or “Michaelmas Daisy,” have been utilized as decorative blooms for over 4,000 years.


Carnations are the second most popular flower and bloom with a double layer of silky petals, which have a crinkle effect around the edges. Their appearance is full, elegant, and playful.


The “Queen of Fall Flowers” and the November birth flower, it is hard to go through the autumn season without coming across these popular blooms that symbolize joy and beauty. From spider mums to football mums and pompon mums to cushion mums, there is a great variety of chrysanthemums to choose from.


Roses are the number one most popular flower around the world. As a great symbol of love and romance, roses bloom in a variety of colors and shades of red. As the oldest flower in the world, dating back 35 million years ago, roses have a rich history of being utilized for medicinal purposes, their sweet aroma, and much more.

Our Favorite Red Blooming Plants


An icon of the holidays, poinsettias are a staple in this joyous season. In many Hispanic cultures, these red plants have adopted the nickname “Flores de Noche Buena,” which means “Flowers of the Holy Night.” With a ruby red hue and big star-shaped leaves, poinsettias symbolize community spirit and goodwill.

Red-Blooming Holiday Plants Besides Poinsettias


While anthuriums are exotic and tropical plants, they are adored and coveted due to their long life. Trading in dainty petals for a waxy, showy, and colorful flower surrounding a bright yellow spadix, these red blooms are certainly unique and symbolize happiness and hospitality.

Christmas Cactus

The Christmas cactus, also known by its scientific name, schlumbergera, is in high demand with its alluring shades of pink, white, and red flowers. This blooming succulent is popular during the autumn and winter seasons and makes a ravishing holiday present that can flourish for decades.


Another festive succulent plant is the kalanchoe blossfeldiana, often nicknamed the Christmas kalanchoe. This popular plant will begin to bloom its charming red flowers around the time we push our clocks back one hour, and the sunny days begin to shorten.


Warm your home this season with a cheerful, tropical, contemporary, and bright bromeliad. Their distinct shape and blooming center signify joy and passion, and their rich history traces back to some of the earliest eras.

Winterberry Holly

A true symbol of Christmas and winter, the tiny red berries of winterberry holly create a dreamy, enchanting, and classic look to seasonal decor. In the fall, after the green leaves of winterberry holly turn yellow and fall to the ground, thousands of red and gold berries are uncovered and ready to be admired.

From their burst of positive energy to their inspiring symbolism, red flowers will warm your heart and your home this season. To enhance your festive decor, browse the stunning collection of red blooms here at Boyd’s Flowers in Wilmington.

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