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Posted by Chuck Boyd on April 15, 2017 | Last Updated: April 23, 2017 Flowers Prom

Wearable Flowers for Moms and Proms

wearable flowers

The more things change, the more some things stay the same – and when it comes to going to the prom, we love that some traditions have prevailed. Although many things in life have changed, students still nervously anticipate being asked to the prom (or doing the asking.). Girls still seek out the most beautiful gowns, and their dates strive to look suave and sophisticated. Formal flowers are a customary part of the prom experience as well. And while we’ve seen some changes in trends, one fact remains – wearable flowers and proms just go together. If you are anticipating a Wilmington area event, you can trust the floral designers at Boyd’s Flowers to provide the corsages, boutonnieres, and flowers you will love. wearable flowers
A Surprising History:
  In ancient cultures, flowers were worn pinned to the bodice of a woman’s dress in order to ward off evil spirits and diseases. In the same way, men also wore flowers or herbs to keep them protected.

As beliefs changed, so did the superstitions based on them – and by the time the 17th century arrived, people were coming to understand that flowers may not be the talisman they had been thought to be. These  “bouquets de corsage”  as they were known in Europe moved from being an everyday piece of attire to something worn only on special occasions. Eventually, the flowers became the traditional gift of a young man looking to court a young lady and took on a romantic implication. This is likely the origin of formal flowers for special dances.

Corsages are no longer only relegated to being worn on the bodice of a dress. Flowers are often attached to shoulder straps, waistbands, and most often, on the wrist. Floral crowns and nosegay bouquets are also popular choices to dress up the occasion.

Don’t Forget Mom! Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and your mom is the most special woman in your life! A beautiful corsage is a perfect gift to let her know that she is the best, and she’ll proudly wear it around town.

This spring, there are plenty of special occasions that wearable flowers are appropriate for. From graduates to prom dates to your beloved mom – all the flowers you need are at Boyd’s Flowers. Call us today!