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Posted by Chuck Boyd on February 20, 2020 | Last Updated: February 25, 2020 Flower Gifts Flowers Gifts

What Are the Top Flowers of Spring?

Winter is finally winding down, and our Wilmington florists at Boyd’s Flowers can’t wait to help you celebrate the arrival of spring with fresh floral designs and seasonal blooms. There’s no better way to spring clean than by adding a vase of vibrant flowers that’ll instantly brighten any indoor space and freshen the air with its sweetly fragrant blooms.

Fun Facts about Spring Flowers

In the United States, we recognize the vernal equinox as the first official day of spring. This is the day of the year when the Earth reaches a point in its orbit around the Sun where daylight and darkness are split equally within a day. After the vernal equinox, days in the Northern Hemisphere grow longer each day until the first day of summer. This year, the first day of spring falls on March 19th. In other parts of the world, however, other things are used to signify the coming of spring. Some cultures track the lunar phases, and Japan doesn’t officially start spring until its national flower, the cherry blossoms, begin to bloom.

Bright roses, daisy pompons, red carnations and purple statice arrive in clear glass vase standing 15"H.

Floral Brightness

When Do Spring Flowers Bloom?

Some spring flowers start blooming well before spring actually arrives. Super-early bloomers like crocuses, snowdrops, and Lenten roses can sprout their brilliant colors as early as the end of January — even in cold, snowy climates! The majority of early spring flowers start blooming around the end of March and beginning of April. These include flowers like hyacinths, irises, pansies, and tulips. Late spring blooms like roses, lilacs, peonies, and daisies wait for a bit more sunshine before showing their colors in late May and June.

Our Favorite Flowers That Are in Season During Spring

Thousands of flowers color the Earth in springtime, and that makes it tough to choose favorites. We managed to narrow our list down to some of the most beautiful, fragrant, and meaningful flowers for celebrating the season.




1. Freesia

Freesia, the flower of friendship, is also well-known for its lovely scent. A popular component in many fragrances, freesia blooms will fill your home with a sweet floral aroma that’ll instantly revive the atmosphere. These beauties sprout up to a dozen blooms on a single stem and they come in a vibrant rainbow of hues.






2. Daisies

Daisies don’t bloom until the end of spring, but they’re well worth the wait. These classic favorites have the wild beauty of a spring meadow that everyone can love. Perfect for celebrating Mother’s Day, daisies represent motherhood, childbirth, and new beginnings.




Pink Tulips


3. Tulips

It’s tough to make a list of favorite spring flowers and not include tulips. If you think about bunnies, baby chicks, and Easter, then you probably also conjure up images of jelly-bean-colored tulips, too. These flowers come in thousands of varieties of different colors, color combinations, and petal textures. Each color of tulip has a different symbolic meaning. For example, yellow tulips represent cheerful thoughts and red tulips symbolize true love.




Assorted color roses


4. Roses

Roses are a favorite throughout the year, but they’re actually in-season during spring. This that spring is the best time to order roses because they’ll be at their freshest and most beautiful. Spring roses are also more affordable. So, if you plan to decorate a wedding with roses galore, you’ll save money by picking a spring date for your wedding. Like tulips, each rose has its own meaning, making them like a language of their own. Yellow roses are for friendship, pink represents gentle admiration, orange is for passion, and red roses, of course, symbolize romance.





5. Daffodils

Daffodils have fun trumpet-shaped flowers in sunny yellow, orange, and white. They’re basically synonymous with spring because, like the season, they also represent renewal, new beginnings, and rebirth.







6. Bluebells

Bluebells don’t bloom until the very end of the season, but they’re worth waiting for. These delicate bell-shaped flowers hang in groups from their stems in the perfect shade of blue. These humble flowers almost look like they’re bowing, which might be why they’ve come to symbolize humility.




Assorted color Hyacinth


7. Hyacinth

Hyacinths are some of the first flowers to bloom during spring. They have cones of delicate flowers in purple, blue, white, and pink. They can symbolize sincerity and constancy, in addition to playfulness and sport.




Make the Most of Spring with Seasonal Floral Bouquets and Potted Plants

This year, you can make the most spring by welcoming its arrival with bouquets of freshly cut flowers and seasonal blooming plants. Whether you choose fragrant lilacs and freesia or classic daffodils and tulips, our florists at Boyd’s Flowers won’t steer you wrong.