Boyds Flowers

Boyds Flowers

Posted by Chuck Boyd on March 16, 2015 St. Patrick's Day

What Flowers to Send on St. Patrick’s Day

social copyGreen beer, green cookies, green clothing… you’ll see a virtual ocean of green on St, Patrick’s Day, and festive additions to this March holiday can even include green flowers. Choosing flowers to send on St. Patrick’s Day may have you looking at traditional baskets of green plants, as well as beautiful flowers that come in green naturally, like orchids and carnations.

Here are a few ideas to get you started with your flowers on St. Patrick’s Day.

Irish Glory

Irish Glory

Who is Your Recipient?

If you’d like to send Mom a bouquet for St. Patrick’s Day, she might like an absolutely beautiful arrangement of white lilies, green carnations, and friendly daisies. The carnations almost look edible in mint green and are gorgeous set amongst the lilies.

If you want to impress your significant other with a cheerful vase of green flowers, all you have to do is think about leprechauns, carnations, and festive green foliage. Green flowers are unusual, and they’ll be a nice surprise for anyone who likes seeing some creativity during the holidays.


Choosing Edible Gifts for St. Patrick’s Day

In addition to choosing beautiful green flowers, you might also think about some edible gifts. Foods that come naturally in green include apples, grapes, and a slew of different vegetables. Edible gifts are almost always a welcome sight, particularly when they show up at work in the middle of the day, and you were just thinking about heading to the vending machine.

Since a cucumber or a head of lettuce probably isn’t the most festive gift you can give (unless you have a vegetable lover in your family!), you can also think about a designer basket of fruit and snacks. As the last holiday of the winter, fruit is a delicious way to welcome the spring.


Green Carnations

Green Today, Green Tomorrow with Plants

In addition to the fun green foods you choose for your gift, a plant for a coworker’s desk or the entryway table of your best friend’s home is a great option for an appropriately colored gift. Does your best friend work in a gray office in a cubicle? She might appreciate a cute ceramic dish garden.

Has your mom been talking about how it feels like the winter will never end? Surprise her on St. Patrick’s Day with a peace lily plant or a beautiful orchid – orchids come in green, too!

Before the St. Patrick’s Day festivities begin, get in touch with your Delaware florist and order your green bouquet or festive green plant.