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Posted by Chuck Boyd on January 21, 2017 | Last Updated: January 25, 2017 Floral Design Flowers Valentine's Day Wedding

Celebrate Wilmington Weddings in February

wilmington weddingsWhen you think of the perfect time to have a wedding in Delaware, February is probably not the first month that comes to mind. In fact, nationwide, the months of June, August and September take the top spots as the busiest wedding months. Still, according to the National Association of Bridal Consultants, February is National Wedding Month. There are actually several very good reasons for the designation If you are planning one of the many Wilmington weddings this year, enjoy these facts – and then contact Boyd’s Flowers. We are your best choice for gorgeous Wilmington flowers for any romantic occasion.
wilmington weddings

  • ¬†Due to Valentine’s Day, February sees a large number of marriage proposals. And although there are not as many as Christmas and New Year’s, you cannot deny the sheer romance surrounding February 14th.
  • February is the month that most brides-to-be begin¬†serious wedding planning (likely due to the aforementioned holiday proposals.)
  • Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days of the year to get married. Surprisingly, another popular day to get married occurs in February – every 4 years. February 29th, a leap year phenomenon, is coveted by many as a wedding date.
  • Although Valentine’s Day is a popular date for weddings, the rest of the month just doesn’t offer enough weddings to keep February at the top end of the list.wilmington weddings
  • All those February 14th weddings turn into the ever increasing number of Valentine’s Day anniversaries. While your anniversary and the iconic holiday may share a day, experts warn against sharing a celebration. (Just ask anyone born on Christmas Day how they feel). Instead, celebrate on the 14th with roses, but pick another close day to celebrate your wedding with your spouse. We think orchids or lilies are quite nice.

    So although there many not be a large amount of Wilmington weddings, we think February has every right to claim a spot in the wedding hall of fame. If you are one of the brides beginning the planning process, here is one final number – experts suggest calling your wedding florist at least six months in advance, making this the perfect month to call Boyd’s Flowers regarding your summer wedding.