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Your Guide to Bringing Home Hygge for the Holidays

Tis’ the season for putting up the Christmas tree and decorating our home to help bring the holidays to life. While our favorite vintage Satan Clause figurines and traditional green garland enhance the joy of the season, your friends here at Boyd’s Flowers, the best florist in Wilmington, are sharing tips on how to bring more warmth, comfort, simplicity, connection, and mindfulness into your holidays with hygge. This Danish artform has evolved into a new way to celebrate the holidays in ways that warm our hearts and bring us closer to our loved ones.

Five Steps to Holiday Hygge

Feet in woollen socks by the Christmas fireplace. Woman relaxes by warm fire with a cup of hot drink and warming up her feet in woollen socks. Cozy atmosphere. Winter and Christmas holidays concept.

Curl Up by the Fireplace

Get cozy this holiday season! Turn on the fire, wrap yourself in a warm fuzzy blanket, grab a book, pour a cup of tea, and enjoy hygge in this moment. If you live in a warmer climate or don’t have a fireplace to turn on, YouTube, Netflix, and other streaming platforms make the sight and sound of a crackling fireplace available to you. Imagine you are in a log cabin in the North and cuddle up on your couch or lounge chair. Search for “fireplace ambiance,” and you are sure to find a pleasant and soothing log fire appearing on your screen. 

Wooden bench stand in corner of room. Fir in black basket stand on it and firewood lays under it

String Holiday Lights

There’s nothing like hanging strings of Christmas lights and garland around the interior and exterior of your house to give yourself a warm welcome each day you arrive home. Whether you enjoy the decorating process on your own or invite the company of family and friends to give you a hand, find hygge while you hang these lights. Then, admire and experience their picturesque charm.

Christmas Poinsettia in ceramic pot. Christmas traditional red flower on the window

Admire Fresh Flowers

Receiving a winter arrangement of fresh flowers or sending one as a gift to loved ones is sure to inspire hygge in several ways. Gift-giving is a way to express love for one another, and a collection of blooms with their unique symbolism will have a lot to say. Communicating with friends and family in this way can help us connect over the busy holiday season and feel their presence, even from afar. Not to mention, winter floral bouquets enhance our cozy spaces with fresh beauty and fragrance that bring peace and comfort.

Woman listening music, relaxing, enjoying life at home. Girl wearing warm winter clothes having fun. Turntable playing vinyl LP record. Leisure, Christmas time, lockdown, retro revival, lifestyle

Play Soft Seasonal Music

Music creates an ideal atmosphere, no matter what feelings we want to achieve. When it comes to finding hygge through music in our homes, the same is true. While you have the freedom to play whatever you feel in the moment, common music that inspires hygge during the holidays is classic holiday tunes. Find carols with a nostalgic feel, such as Bing Crosby, a fun modern twist, like Pentatonix, a rock beat, such as Trans Siberian Orchestra, or see if your favorite artist created their own holiday album.

Group of friends laughing on Christmas Party

Fill Your Home with Loved Ones

The Danish tradition of hygge would be nothing without the inclusion/company of family, friends, and loved ones. During the holiday season, there are millions of ways to spend quality time with those who are near and dear to your heart. From sharing a bowl of popcorn during a favorite holiday film, laughing around the dinner table, marveling over Christmas lights, creating new traditions, or sitting by the fireplace together, there is no better way to find hygge than filling your home with friends and family.

Whether you are hosting holiday festivities, entertaining guests, or enjoying quiet nights by the fire, filling your home with hygge is sure to make this year one of the best yet. Don’t forget to scout out the perfect winter flowers from the area’s best floral shop, Boyd’s Flowers, for the excellent finishing touches.