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Summer classes to train for floral industry employment.
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NOTE: FREE TOOLS provided at your first class! Each class is $30

Flower Arranging Classes

Looking for a job? We are looking for flower arrangers. Four summer classes will be offered, at $30 each,  specifically to train for design internships at Boyd's. These are classes for candidates interested in working in the floral industry. At least three classes must be completed in order to be considered for a position. All classes are taught Wednesdays from 6:00-7:15pm at our Pennsylvania Ave store. To register: click the class you want. Enter 19806 for the zip. For location selection Boyds 19806. For pick-up date simply select the date of your class (ie Floral Brightness 9/5) For time select 5pm the latest available choice. Class actually begins at 6. Who is this for, enter your name. For occasion select Business Gift. Hit continue past the chocolate and teddy bears. Check out with your credit card and you are good to go! You will receive a confirmation shortly.



NOTE: FREE TOOLS provided at your first class! Each class is $30

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